Ultimate Grow

Ultimate Grow 2 part formula is designed to unleash the maximum potential of your young plants. It gives your plants the essential nutrients they need to jump start their growth cycle. Use Ultimate Grow 2 part nutrient formula to ensure the best start and healthiest transition to the bloom cycle.

Utilize Ultimate Grow A & B as a stand alone fertilizer for great results or use it with the full Innovating Plant Products line for ultimate results.

  • Uses:

    • Veg: All
    • Bloom: N/A
  • NPK Values:

    • Part A: 4-0-3
    • Part B: 4-4-7
  • Available Sizes:

    • 1L
    • 4L
    • 10L
    • 23L
    • 60L
    • 200L
    • 1000L
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