How do you mix your nutrients?

At Innovating Plant Products we just don’t mix and ship. We mix and settle then filter then test the product and settle again and filter until we are satisfied that the product can be shipped. There is no rushing the product out the door.
We make sure that each and every product leaves the plant the same every time. One of the things that we take great pride in is how we source the raw materials. We spend a lot of time searching out the best raw materials sourced from Canada and the USA. This allows us to not only keep our prices low but brings you the cleanest product on the market.

Do the products have a shelf life?

Innovating Plant Products nutrients do not have an expiry date. Saying that, there is a small chance that they can be affected by airborne mold or cross contamination from other products. The airborne mold is not harmful to the plant but can be visually unappealing. If you experience mold in the product do not panic, you can run it through a cheese cloth to separate the solids and still use the product If you have concerns please call the plant for instruction (1-250-286-8914) or email us at

Cross contamination can occur during the mixing phase in your reservoir. Mixing your reservoir without rinsing your measuring device between products can cause binding of raw materials. The three products that can cause this are Ultimate Grow A (UGA) and Ultimate Bloom A (UBA) and also the HOG Micro (HM). The best rule of thumb is to mix the products into your res one at a time with a rinse of your measuring cup in-between each product UGA, UBA, and HM all contain Calcium. Calcium when mixed in a concentrated form will bind with Sulphates.

Hard water use Innovating Plant Products is safe with hard water use. If the ppm of the water is lower than 200 our Humic Acid (Black Storm) helps with chelating the extra Iron and Calcium. Some growers also lower the HOG Micro and both Ultimate Grow and Bloom A by 25% to combat the extra Calcium.

How do you mix a batch of nutrients?

Mixing a reservoir properly is essential in the success of your garden. Always start with a clean reservoir container. Then fill your reservoir the night before and add 250m I of H0 to 200 liters of water. This allows the water to reach a better temperature and the H₂0₂ helps control any unwanted pathogens from contaminating your medium. Place a couple of air stones connected to a fresh air source in the reservoir. Pull out your trusty feed chart, and line up all your Nutrients and begin.

Start with your bases. Add them one at a time (in any order) with a good mix and rinse between each one so your measuring device cannot cross contaminate the products. These are highly concentrated formulas, if combined in a concentrated form they will start to bind and continue to bind this causes your plant to receive less nutrients than required and could cause nutrient lock up. Once you have finished adding all the products let it mix for 15 minutes and you are ready to feed.

How to pH your reservoir?

Achieving your desired pH levels in your reservoir is absolutely necessary, but can be a bit complicated. If you add your pH adjuster too fast it will bind with the nutrients in your reservoir. A great rule of thumb is to add your concentrated pH adjuster to 250mL of water and then add it to your reservoir very slowly If you see the nutrient solution getting cloudy in the reservoir as it is mixing in, slow down your pour a little more.

Can I use your nutrients with coco coir?

All our products are coco coir safe. Although coco can be a little tricky to use, it is a great medium to grow in. Coco has a tendency to steal Calcium and Magnesium from your nutrient solution, which can lead to lack of Calcium and Magnesium for your plants.

Some growers combat this problem by adding a good Cal-Mag to the nutrient res in the veg cycle and the first two weeks of the flowering cycle. Now this is a suggestion, please do your research on this subject for yourself. If you use the best Coco-Coir medium that is already buffered you will find you get better results. For more information on Coco use please email us at with your questions and we will be happy to answer them.

What is the difference between the 2 part and the 3 part programs?

The Ultimate 2 part system was specifically engineered to provide the adequate nutrients for our ‘specialized’ plant needs without any adjustment. The HOG, High Output Garden, 3 part is perfect for scenarios where you’d like to gradually adjust, or even alter the N-P-K balance of the grow, micro and bloom nutrients to achieve specialized programs for various plant species and needs.

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