Mar 2016

H.O.G. Carbs

Combine Grow, Micro, and Bloom nutrients with HOG CARBS to achieve speciallized feeding programs for any type of plant you want to grow.

This system allows you to make custom nutrient mixes for high performing plants in all phases of their life cycle. These products are ideal for hydroponic applications and can be used with great success in other mediums such as soil-less mix or coco coir.

Use a conductivity or ppm meter to monitor and control nutrient strength and to keep pH between 5.4 -5.6 for hydroponics and 6.2-6.4 for soil.

Use 1ml/L when using the full Innovating Plant Products line and 3-4ml/L when using another nutrient line.

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    Mike Broadbent

    24 06 2021

    Can I use H.O.G. on tomatoes plants they are starting to bear fruit

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      02 07 2021

      Hello Mike,

      Certainly! We suggest using our HOG nutrient lineup in the home garden as the 3 bases allow you the flexibility to adjust feeding for various plants. If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to us and our master growers will go over your question directly.

      Cheers and take care,

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