Mar 2016

Red Sun

Red Sun should be used in the first week of the flowering cycle to promote optimal flower production. When using Red Sun you will immediately notice that your plants will trigger faster into the flowering stage. Red Sun increases the number of flowering sites which results in much larger yields.

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    S Brown

    22 11 2018

    Have used this product for years and I swear by it but not all strains can handle it from my experiences

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    James Goodman

    06 06 2019

    I’ve been using the complete line and have no complaints. In fact, I had a very noticeable increase in my yeilds

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    James Goodman

    12 07 2019

    Can you tell me what strains you’ve noticed can’t handle it?

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    06 04 2020

    This stuff looks like koolaid when you mix it up, but the plants love it. I have 24+ inch long, pop can girth coals stacked using this lineup and would definitely recommend it.

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